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The evidence is clear

Our pets deserve the best! And that is what we strive to give them. Only the best of ingredients are picked and approved for our healthy, 100% natural and affordable feeds.
The benefits of raw foods and your pets are immense. Shinier coats, healthier digestive system and improved energy levels are just a few of them! Why not try it out and see the improvements yourself!
You will notice your pet is less windy and their poo small, and firmer. This makes life a whole lot more comfortable for your pet.

Cats and raw diet

As per our research the first canned cat food was introduced to the market in 1958, twenty years later, dry food. Evolution on the physical level is a very slow process and spans many generations. Therefore, even today, many domesticated cats hunt birds and small rodents, even if they do so purely for fun, and farm cats often feed only by themselves. We all know that cats have wild nature and hunting is in their blood. This applies to their behaviour, but also to their organs, which correspond to the structure of those of small wild cats.

Healthy kittens have no problem digesting raw meals, and a properly prepared portion will keep them in good condition and a lot of health. This method of feeding is “appropriate” for one reason in particular: Cats are carnivores by nature. The main component of such a diet is just a large amount of fresh meat. Unlike pre-cooked foods, our raw meal portion consists essentially of raw meat, not overcooked, or baked.

Why is raw meat better than cooked meat for a cat? The answer is very simple. Cooked meat loses its nutritional value. Baked too, though to a lesser extent. It is true that the heat treatment makes the meat easier to digest, but the cat’s digestive system is perfectly adapted to digesting raw type of food.

Dogs and raw diet

Many pet owners and breeders who have chosen this type of nutrition confirm the benefits that result from this diet. Raw meat for a dog is a response to his needs resulting from the nature of our four-legged friends. They are predators, and their cousins, such as wolves and other canines, still eat raw food. Domestication of a dog did not change its natural needs. Raw dog meat is a feeding method that will suit most animals. If the dog does not have a food allergy or does not require special food for health reasons, then you can safely feed him with raw meat.

Raw meat for a puppy will be a good option for several reasons. Firstly, the little pooch learns to eat raw material from the beginning, thanks to which his digestive system will have no problems digesting this type of food. Ready-made food contains, for example, fillers or other additives that may negatively affect the sensitive stomach of a puppy.

Unfortunately, most of the foods offered by the producers are of very low quality and do not contain the necessary nutrients. Their composition is a small amount of meat, and grains and other fillers predominate. This type of food will have a very negative impact on the health and even well-being of your pets.