Rabbit Ears Natural

Rabbit Ears Natural

Raw Rabbit Ears Natural – 100% Rabbit. Natural, grain and gluten-free. High in protein. Low in fat.

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At Go For Raw, our 100% natural raw rabbit ears are a great grain and gluten-free treat for your dog.
If you’re looking for a high protein and low-fat raw treat for your dog, our rabbit ears are sure to hit the mark.
We supply our rabbit ears in sets of 100g, giving you plenty per bag.

Rabbit ears have the added benefit of adding play to your dog’s meal, enabling them to devour them straight away or play with them for a little while first.

If you prefer your rabbit ears to have the fur on then please take a look at our raw rabbit ears with fur which act as a great natural dewormer. As the hairs brush through your pet’s gut they act like a brush, taking away undigested food and worms.

For more information as to why rabbit ears are so great check out our post.

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